Some people in this world believe that a photo steals your soul, i believe it freezes it, it takes a still from your life, a memory that will fade but having an image of a time will bring back a smell, a look, a stage in your life….your soul!  I put my passion and heart into every image!  It is an absolute privilege to be part of your life!  KLJ photography……my heart, your soul xx



One thought on “About

  1. Hey Kirsty… Thought I would say hi as I know Marc (Lawson) mentioned to you about me second shooting with you… I was chatting to him during the week there so I know he is now available on the 10th but any other dates you have in mind I would come along with bells on! Marc speaks very highly off you and I hear you are expecting, congratulations!!! I have wee 3 yrs old monster which keeps me busy to say the least!! I’m sure you are wrecked at times so yeh, anytime you need a shooting buddy or a dedicated driver/ bag girl/ coffee bringer… I’m your girl!!!!:-) Can’t wait to get out shooting with Marc as well sometime…. Actually, I’m just thinking I pencilled out the 10th May incase you were stuck so would still be delighted to come along ( take a back seat off course as 3 may be overload) and just observe you do your thing… Only a suggestion and totally understand if not appropriate… Look forward to hearing from you Kirsty 🙂 xoxo

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